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'Shepard Commander, I must go to them. I'm...I'm sorry. It's the only way.Mass Effect 3
'Can it wait? I'm in the middle of some calibrations.'Mass Effect 2
'I'm pleased that the imminent destruction of all organic life has improved your career opportunities.'Mass Effect
'I think we're gonna need a bigger boot, Commander.'Mass Effect
'I don't know what is worse: the geth, or all this sand in my......never mind!'Mass Effect
'You've done more than I could. Despite everything my father did to make me perfect, you''re the best humanity has to offer.'Mass Effect 2
'I don't need luck: I have ammo.'Mass Effect 3
'Shepard, you're making a habit of costing me more than time and money.'Mass Effect 2
'The visions cannot be denied. The Reapers are too powerful. The only hope of survival is to join them. Sovereign is a machine. It thinks like a machine.'Mass Effect
'Rage is a hell of an anesthetic.'Mass Effect 2 (DLC)
'Why is it that whenever someone says 'with all due respect,' they really mean 'kiss my ass'?'Mass Effect
'I am the very model of a scientist Salarian, I've studied species Turian, Asari and Batarian.'Mass Effect 2
'I prefer my salarian liver served raw.'Mass Effect 3
'Mess with someone's head enough, you can turn a scared little kid into an all-powerful bitch.'Mass Effect 2
'You did good, son. You did good. I'm proud of you...'Mass Effect 3
'I am assuming direct control.'Mass Effect 2
'My grandmother used to make the best ramen. Looking back, I probably should have stolen her recipe.'Mass Effect 2 (DLC)
'I can already hear it... 'This is all Joker's fault! What a tool he was! I have to spend all day computing pi because he plugged in the Overlord!' Mass Effect 2
'Amonkira, Lord of Hunters, grant that my hands be steady, my aim be true, and my feet swift. And should the worst come to pass, grant me forgiveness.'Mass Effect 2
'When I first saw you, you were nothing but meat and tubes. Anywhere else, they'd have put you in a coffin.'Mass Effect 2
'Adrenaline's better than oxygen any day.'Mass Effect 3
'I want to give you that, Shepard. I want you to feel every nerve in your body pulsing with pleasure.'Mass Effect 2
'Amusing. Asari have finally mastered writing.'Mass Effect 3 (DLC)
'I enjoy the sight of humans on their knees...........That is a joke.'Mass Effect 3
'Find peace in the embrace of the Goddess.'Mass Effect 2
'Each of you needs to be willing to die. Anything less and you're already dead.'Mass Effect 3

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