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Can you name the famous quotes from the consonants?

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consonantsfull quote/missing lettersperson quoted
mbtn shld b md f strnr stffWilliam Shakespeare
m _ nt dstryng my nms whn _ mk frnds f thm?Abraham Lincoln
y'r nly sppsd t blw th bldy drs ffMichael Caine
n th nd vrythng s _ ggCharlie Chaplin
nvr ws s mch wd by s mny t s fwWinston Churchill
n mn s rch ngh t by bck hs pstOscar Wilde
ll y nd s lvJohn Lennon
smtms lf hts y n th hd wth _ brck. Dnt ls fthSteve Jobs
gns s n tnth nsprtn nd nn tnths prsprtnThomas Edison
dgs nvr bt m. jst hmnsMarilyn Monroe
consonantsfull quote/missing lettersperson quoted
rt s _ l tht mks s rls th trthPablo Picasso
mtn s trnqltyStirling Moss
ll fr n nd n fr llAlexandre Dumas
n y fr n y nly mks th whl wrld blndGandhi
lv s dng smll thngs wth grt lvMother Teresa
ngr dwlls n th bsm f flsAlbert Einstein
flt lk _ bttrfly stng lk _ bMuhammad Ali
m plyng ll th rght nts bt nt ncssrly n th rght rdrEric Morecambe
sng s nt lwys blvngMartin Luther King Jr
_ chld msdctd s _ chld lstJohn F. Kennedy

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