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number following 42
9 and 1
letters in the german alphabet
books of old testament
..... go-old rings, 4 calling birds,
(80/2) - 5
31 x 2
US highway that runs from New York to Massachusetts
square root of 81
2008 film staring Kevin Spacey and Kate Bosworth
number of white keys on a piano
countries in the EU
toy story films made
in the regular NHL or NBA season each team plays how many games?
population of canada (nearest million- 2010 census)
one hundred and fifty four divided by 2
how many billboard top 200 albums did Frank Sinatra chart?
months of year
floor on which Morpheus is questioned in The Matrix
57 + 1
number of goals for England by Bobby Charlton
soixante-cinq in French
only prime number in the 90's
70 plus 2 - one=
6 stone in pounds
February 24th is the .....th day of the year
in curling each side is given .... minutes to complete all throws
year man first stepped foot on the moon
where in Nevada that aliens are rumored to be
unlucky for some
roman numerals LXIII
minimum driving age in Ireland
the year Toy Story was released 19.....
number of cities in England (official)
countries to win the RWC
sides on an octagon
number of landlocked countries
days in may
age of suffrage (UK)
1 banana, 2 banana, 3 banana, 4, 5 banana, 6 banana, 7 banana, 76!!!
total medal count for Kyrgyzstan in the 2008 Beijing olympics
Avtomat Kalashnikova ....
average number of heartbeats per minute of a resting adult
number of games each team plays in a season in the English Premier league
Bob Dylan album- Highway .... Revisited
a quarter as a percentage
rained for .... days and .... nights
eight and a 6
2 fat ladies
0.68 metres in centimetres
F1 pole positions by Alain Prost
flavours of quarks
members of NATO
number preceding 57
freezing point of water in Fahrenheit
57 x 1
final year someone is a teenager
roman numeral LXXXI
members of rugby union team
140 km in miles
full miles in a marathon
squares on a chess board
pairs of chromosomes in a human cell
jersey number retired by New York Knicks for Dave DeBusschere
bingo call staying alive
siebenundsechzig in German
the upper age limit for cardinals to vote in papal elections
11101 in binary
lines in a sonnet
K is the ..... letter of the alphabet
number of chess peices each player starts with
3 quarters as a percentage
minutes in an hour
rough pH of stomach acid
one hundred minus four
letters in Kyrgyzstan
ninetytwo + 1
correct answers you hope to finish this quiz with
highest number in bingo (Commonwealth)
1 century minus 1 decade minus 1
meaning of life, the universe and everything
fifty plus three
number of contiguous states
age of JFK when he died
the lowest golf score in the PGA tour achieved by Chip Beck and Stuart Appleby amongst others
length of an NBA court in feet
year England won football world cup
countries in Africa
max speed limit on any UK road
number of carats representing 100% pure gold
inches in a yard
number of dwarfs
atomic number of calcium
names of Allah
highest shirt number in NHL
100 - 37 - 44 + 99 - 50 - 31=
setenta y nueve in spanish

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