Friends Finish the Line: Season Two, Ep 1-3

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Can you name the missing words in the Friends quotes from the season two episodes (episodes 1-3)?

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QuotePunchlineWords Missing
Rachel: (to Ross) 'These aren't for you - (to Julie) these are for you, welcome to our country' Julie: 'Thank you, ...'4
Ross: 'Well, I land in China, guess who's in charge of the dig?' Rachel: 'Julie! Isn't that great, I mean, isn't that just ... fantastic!'9
Monica: 'Pheebs, you know what I'm thinking?' Phoebe: 'Oh ok, how it's been so long since you've had sex your're wondering ...'4
Chandler: 'Hey, anybody know a good tailor?' Joey: 'Need some clothes altered?' Chandler: 'No no, I'm just looking for a man to ...'5
Joey: 'He did my first suit when I was 15, no wait 16, no excuse me, 15, alright when was 1990?' Chandler: 'Okay, you have to stop ...'5
Phoebe: 'I'm not gonna lie to you, it doesn't look good' Ross: 'There's nothing you can do?' Phoebe: 'It's a waiting game, I put a clip on one side which seems to have ...'3
Joey: 'Can we see her?' Phoebe: 'Your hair looks too good, I think it would upset her - Ross, ...'6
Joey: 'They go up one side, they move it over, they go up the other side, move it back and then they do the rear, isn't that how a tailor measures pants?'Ross:'Yes, yes it is,...'2
Chandler: 'Just hanging out by the spoons, ladle?' Ross: 'Look, will you guys just grow up, this is the most natural beautiful thing in the world' Joey: 'Yeah we know, but ...'6
Phoebe: 'We went shopping for, um for um, for, fur!' Rachel: 'You went shopping for fur?' Phoebe: 'Yeah and then I realized that I'm against that, so then we bought some um ...'1
Phoebe: 'I licked my arm, what?' Ross: 'This is breast milk!' Phoebe: 'So?' Rachel: 'Phoebe, that is, that is juice ...'4
QuotePunchlineWords Missing
Monica: 'Look, when it started I was just trying to be nice to her because she was my brother's girlfriend, and then one thing led to another and before I knew it, ...'3
Monica: 'We only did it once. It didn't mean anything to me' Rachel: 'Yeah, right, sure' Monica: 'Really, Rachel I was ...'6
Phoebe: 'So you won't even drink it?' Ross: 'No' Phoebe: 'Not even if you pretended it was milk?' Ross: 'Not even if Carol's breast had a ... on it'5
Monica: 'I don't know what else to say' Rachel: 'Oh well that works out good cause I'm not listening' Monica: 'I feel terrible, I really do' Rachel: 'I'm sorry did ...'5
Joey: 'These new kids, they never last, sooner or later they all - ...'2
Joey: 'When I first moved to the city I went out with this girl a few times, really hot, great kisser, but she had the biggest ...'2
Ross: 'Evolution is not for you to buy Phoebe, evolution is a scientific fact, like, like, like, like the air we breathe, like gravity' Phoebe: 'Oh ok, don't get me started ...'2
Ross: 'It's like math, 1+1=2, I can't stand by and let you think that 1+1 might equal 3 or 4 ...'2
Phoebe: 'Janice, you called Janice?' Chandler: 'Yes, Janice, why is that so difficult for you to comprehend?' Ross: '...'4
Monica: 'You know what we haven't played in a while, hide the lamp - Did you know I was allergic to shellfish?' Rachel: 'Well then you'll just have to ...'4
Ross: 'Hey, you coming?' Chandler: 'Yeah, in a second - goodbye Mr. Heckles, ...'6

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