Friends Finish the Line: Season Six, Ep 17-21

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Can you name the missing words in the Friends quotes from the season six episodes (episodes 17-21)?

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QuotePunchlineWords Missing
Joey: 'Wait a minute, I used to get medical experiments done on me all the time' Chandler: 'Ah, ...'3
Ross: 'Unagi, I'm always aware' Chandler: 'Okay, are you aware that unagi ...'3
Chandler: 'I could say: your love sends me to the moon' Ross: 'Except Apollo 8 didn't actually land on the moon, but you could write um: your love lets me ... and return safely'4
Chandler: 'Wait a minute, I can't give this to her' Ross: 'Why not?' Chandler: 'Because it says Captain Ross on the side and it says ... on the bottom'3
Carl: 'Hey Mon, hey Chan, just getting a soda' Monica: 'Who the hell are you?' Carl: 'I'm Joey, ...'4
Ross: 'What would you do next?' Instructor: 'Me, the attacker?' Ross: 'Yes that's right ' Instructor: 'Why?' Ross:'I tried attacking two women, ...'3
Ross: 'It's okay, I mean they're my friends, in fact I was married to one of them' Instructor: 'You attacked your ex-wife?' Ross: 'Oh no, no no, ..., that's why I'm here'5
Monica: 'You dated her? Well why don't I just go out with an ex-boyfriend, you know, and do Joey a favor' Joey: 'Hey, you wanna do Joey a favor? Maybe you ...'4
Ross: 'What do you wanna do now, huh? Do you wanna go get a drink?' Elizabeth: 'I can't' Ross: 'Oh, you have some studying to do?' Elizabeth: 'No, I have some ...'4/5
Rachel: 'I don't wanna switch, please, I can throw wet paper towels here' Phoebe: 'No but at Monica's you can eat cookies ...'3
Joey: 'The ATM only lets you take out 300 at a time, so I'll take a check for the other hundred' Rachel: 'You're joking right?' Joey: ''Course I'm joking, ...'4
Monica: 'Our guy works with Chandler and he's really nice and smart and he's a great dresser' Phoebe: 'Have you seen your guy's body?' Chandler: 'No, our guy is ...'4
Joey: 'Suppose we were a divorced couple and I got custody of the kid, now suppose the kid dies and I gotta ...'4
QuotePunchlineWords Missing
Chandler:'Spring vacation or spring break?' Ross:'What's the difference?' Monica:'Spring vacation you're doing nice things with your grandparents, spring break you're doing ...'2
Ross: 'Well what if she goes down there and sleeps with a bunch of guys?' Chandler: 'Well maybe you don't ...'3
Monica: 'Aren't you dressed yet?' Chandler: '...'4
Chandler: 'He's still got a chance for the part? Oh that's great news! Well no, obviously not for the actor who was ...'4
Chandler: 'I wrote it on the board and then I went all over New York City looking for ya, I went to Ross's, I went to the coffee house, I went to anyplace that they ...'2
Ross: 'I just found out Elizabeth's dad wants to meet me' Chandler: 'Wait a minute, hold the phone, ...'4
Ross: 'A joke, lighten the mood, two guys go into a bar, one of them's Irish' Paul: 'I'm Irish' Ross: 'And the Irish guy ...'3
Phoebe: 'Wow, so you're Elizabeth's father, huh? I can see now where she gets her - ...'2
Monica: 'Is there a-a Mrs. Stevens?' Chandler: '...'4
Monica: 'It is so strange seeing Ross here this time of day, cause usually he's at the children's hospital' Phoebe: 'Yeah, not ...'3
Monica: 'How's the book writing going?' Phoebe: 'Really well, I'm up to page 47' Monica: 'Wow, what are you writing?' Phoebe: '...'2
Ross: 'What the-how did-what?' Rachel: 'Well you know he lost his keys, so he was looking for them' Ross: '...'3
Ross: 'He's my girlfriend's father, okay, it's it's weird' Rachel: 'You dated my sister!' Ross: 'That was different' Rachel: 'What, why?' Ross: 'This is ...'3

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