Friends Finish the Line: Season Seven, Ep 1-5

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Can you name the missing words in the Friends quotes from the season seven episodes (episodes 1-5)?

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QuotePunchlineWords Missing
Joey: 'I gotta get up early for a commercial audition tomorrow, I'm supposed to be playing a 19 year old - what?' Chandler: 'So when you said get up early, did you mean ...'1/3
Monica: 'Chandler, it happens to a lot of guys, don't worry about it' Chandler: 'I'm not worried, I'm fascinated, it's like biology- in high school I failed biology and tonight ...3
Joey: 'sup with the whack playstation sup, huh? Come on, am I 19 or what?' Chandler: 'Yes on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the ..., you are definitely 19'5
Chandler: 'Then we will sprinkle rose petals on the bed and make love, not just because it's romantic but ...'3
Rachel: 'Come on Ross, let's go have sex' Monica: 'I can't believe you're gonna have sex on my engagement night!' Chandler: 'Well ...'2
Rachel: 'Maybe I just wanted to make myself feel better and I know that that's dumb, but oh my god you were so depressed when Ross got married that you ...'3
Chandler: 'Oh I got some thoughts on the music' Rachel: 'Oh Chandler, too many cooks' Ross: 'Take it from me, as the groom all you have to do is show up and try to ...'4
Phoebe: 'I just don't know what the big deal is?' Ross: 'The big deal is I don't want naked greasy strangers in my apartment when I wanna kick back ... - beer, cold beer'3
Rachel: 'There's nothing wrong with a woman enjoying a little erotica, it's a healthy expression of female sexuality, which is something you will never understand' Joey:'...'3
Monica: 'What happened? You still have the Monica wedding fund don't you?' Jack: 'We have it, only now we call it ...'3
Rachel: 'Well what happened at dinner?' Monica: 'My parents spent the money for our wedding' Phoebe: 'Oh god, ...'4
Chandler: 'A small place outside the city where our kids could learn to ride their bikes and stuff - of course we'd have an apartment over the garage where ...'4
QuotePunchlineWords Missing
Monica: 'You know what, I don't want a big fancy wedding' Chandler: 'Sure you do' Monica: 'No, I want everything that you just said, ...'4
Monica: 'No! Why didn't you make a copy and keep it in a fireproof box and keep it at least 100 yards away from the original?' Phoebe: '...'3
Joey: 'Look at this clown, just cause he's got a bigger boat he thinks he can take up the whole river, get out of the way jackass, who names their boat ... anyway?'2
Rachel: 'Did I just say Greens don't quit?' Joey: 'Yes, yes you did and you're still yelling at me' Rachel: 'No oh no no, I'm not yelling at you, I'm just ...'3
Rachel: 'I'm my father, oh my god this is horrible, I've been trying so hard not to ..., I did not see this coming'3
Chandler: 'So Ross and I are going to Disneyland and we stop at this restaurant for tacos, and when I say restaurant I mean a guy, a hibachi and the ...'4
Monica: 'He threw up?' Chandler: 'No he visited a town a little south of throw up - some of the employees decided to rename the park the ...'4
Phoebe: 'Joey, do you think your favorite animal says a lot about you?' Joey: 'No cause ...'3
Tag: 'Phoebe, that's a great name' Phoebe: 'Oh you like that, you should hear ...'3
Rachel: 'Look Phoebe's talking to cute coffee house guy' Ross: 'You guys call him cute coffee house guy? We call him ...'4
Monica: 'Chandler, what is the matter with your face? I mean, this picture is supposed to say Geller and Bing to be married, not ...'5
Ross: 'I like this one, it seems to say, I love you and that's why ...'5

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