Friends Finish the Line: Season One, Ep 19-21

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Can you name the missing words in the Friends quotes from the season one episodes (episodes 19-21)?

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QuotePunchlineWords Missing
Ross: 'I'd go pick up a bottle of wine, go over there and uh, try to woo her' Chandler: 'Hey, you know what you should do, you should take her back to the 1890s when ...'5
Joey: 'Alright, you're a monkey, you're loose in the city, where do you go?' Chandler: 'Okay, it's his first time out so he's probably going to wanna ...'3
Rachel:'I'm feeling kinda crazy, you wanna go to Newark?' Ross: 'Uh, we could do that but before we head off to the ..., I was, uh, I kinda wanted to run something by you'5
Ross: 'You know how we were talking before about relationships and stuff' Rachel: 'Oh god, Ross, I cannot do this' Ross: 'Okay, ...'3
Phoebe: 'Oh, this is so intense. One side of my butt is totally asleep and the ...'5
Monica: 'This is me in the Sound of Music. See the Von Trapp children?' Phoebe: 'No' Monica: 'That's because ...'5
Chandler: 'I got her machine' Joey: 'Her answering machine?' Chandler: 'No, interestingly enough ...'5
Chandler: 'I feel violated, and ...'5
Mindy: 'Look, I hope you can find some way to be happy for me and I hope you'll still be my maid of honor' Rachel: 'And I hope Barry doesn't ...'7
QuotePunchlineWords Missing
Joey: 'Mr. Peanut is a better dresser, I mean, he's got the monocle, he's got the top hat' Phoebe: 'Did you know he's gay?' Ross: 'I just wanna clarify this, are you ...'3
Monica: 'Ross, you've got to do something about the humping' Ross: 'What, it's, it's just a phase' Chandler: 'Well, ...'6
Rachel: 'Marcel! Stop it, Marcel! Bad monkey' Ross: 'What?' Rachel: 'Let's just say my Curious George doll is ...'3
Chandler: 'How about Joey Pepponi?' Joey: 'No, still to ethnic, my agent thinks I should have a name that's more neutral' Chandler: '...'2
Chandler: 'You might want to try Joseph' Joey: 'Joseph Stalin, I think you'd remember that!' Chandler: 'Oh yes, Bye Bye Birdie starring Joseph Stalin, Joseph Stalin is ...'5
Ross: 'Apparently Marcel's humping is not a phase. Apparently he's reached sexual maturity' Joey (to Chandler): 'Hey, ...'3
Joey: 'I don't know what to say Ross, it's a monkey' Ross: 'Just say what you feel Joey' Joey: 'Marcel, ...'2
Joey: 'I'll be reading for the role of Mercutio' Director: 'Name?' Joey: '...' 2

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