Friends Finish the Line: Season Four, Ep 13-18

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Can you name the missing words in the Friends quotes from the season four episodes (episodes 13-18)?

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QuotePunchlineWords Missing
Ross: 'That is one good looking man' Chandler: 'Is it just me or can you actually see his abs ...'3
Ross: 'Well, Kathy gets half naked and simulates sex with a real good looking guy' Chandler: 'Yeah, it's like somebody literally wrote down my worst nightmare and then ...'7/8
Monica: 'Fresh cookies hot from the oven' Joey: 'Oh, a new playboy!' Monica: 'Yeah, just something I picked up' Ross: 'Cookies and porn! You're the ...'3
Monica: 'I'm always the hostess, I mean, even when I was little, I mean the girls brought their dollies to my tea party, I ...'4
Chandler: 'If I had just called her after our big stupid fight she never would have gone out with Nick and they never would have ended up in bed together, I threw her at ...'3
Rachel: 'Honey, this is not your fault, just because you guys had a fight does not justify her sleeping with someone' Ross: 'Well, if she thought they ...'4
Monica: 'You know what is so sweet, those birds have not left his side the whole time' Rachel: 'Yeah, I wish that ...'3
Monica: 'So how did it go with Joshua last night?' Rachel: 'Well, I didn't see Joshua, but I did ...'6
Phoebe: 'Aw Pheebs' Rachel: 'Honey, that's your name' Phoebe: 'That's short for Phoebe? I thought that's just ...'5
Chandler: 'I can't stand the woman -you know all those little annoying things she did before we fell in love, you know, like ..., well they're all back'7
Emily: 'You really enjoyed yourself didn't you?' Ross: 'Please, are you kidding? I hurt 3 huge men, I gave a guy a bloody nose, I mean I'm not proud of it, but - ...'3
Rachel: 'I'm gonna sell him a coat and put this note in the pocket' Chandler: (Reading) 'Joshua, give me a call sometime, guys like you - never go out of style. ...'5
Rachel: 'We have to have a surprise Bon Voyage party for Emily, but it's actually for Joshua' Chandler: 'That sucks, no one's ever thrown me a ...'4
QuotePunchlineWords Missing
Monica: 'If you wanna kiss him you could use mistletoe' Rachel: 'Oh, it's not Christmas' Monica: 'Or spin the bottle!' Rachel: 'And ...'3
Chandler: 'Somebody loose, somebody loose (bottle points at him) story of my life (spins again, bottle points at Joshua) ...'5
Joshua: 'I mean, you're beautiful and smart and sophisticated, a lot of this isn't ...'3
Treeger: 'It happened to me once, I was just flipping through the channels and bam! It was like finding money' Chandler: 'Like finding money with ...'4
Treeger: 'Then I made the mistake of turning off the TV, never got it back again, and I'm sad' Joey: 'Why would he ...'4
Joey: 'So no one touches the remote and no one touches the TV' Chandler: 'And no one touches the air around the TV' Joey: 'Imagine a ... if you will'3
Alice: 'No no no no, it's gonna be fine, because I teach Home Ec and uh, I can have 30 kids making baby clothes all year long you know, it'll be like my very own ...'2/3
Rachel: 'Bow chicka bow wow, bow chicka bow wow, what is that song? It's been in my head all day' Chandler: 'It's the theme song from ...'3
Phoebe: 'Don't you hate it when you have to cut a tin can with an ordinary steak knife? Now I know what you're thinking' Chandler: '...'4
Chandler: 'If you're gonna do that, if you're gonna name him Joey, you should name him Chandler! Oh come on, Chandler's funny, he's sophisticated and he's very loveable ...'6
Ross: 'We thought Carol was straight before I married her' Phoebe: 'Yeah, definitely I don't like the name Ross' Ross: 'What a weird way to ...'5
Ross: 'I asked him if he wanted to eat, he said no, I asked him if he wanted to sleep, he said no, I asked him what he wanted to do, he said no, so ...'2
Chandler: 'From now on I have no first name' Joey: 'So you're just Bing?' Chandler: '...'4

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