Friends Finish the Line: Season Five, Ep 9-13

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Can you name the missing words in the Friends quotes from the season five episodes (episodes 9-13)?

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QuotePunchlineWords Missing
Chandler: 'They gotta be Joeys' Joey: 'Yeah they're mine' Ross: 'Why are they here?' Joey: 'I don't know, I'm Joey, I'm disgusting, I ... in other people's homes'4
Phoebe: 'I really liked that Lamaze class I took, you know, I just thought this time I'd go for something a little more intellectual, with a ...' 4
Monica: 'Phoebe, you are a badass' Phoebe: 'Someday I'll tell you about the time I stabbed the cop' Monica: 'Phoebe!' Phoebe: 'What? ...'4
Rachel: 'What struck me was how the book was so ahead of its time' Teacher: 'If you're talking about feminism, I think you're right' Rachel: 'Feminism yes, but also ...'2
Joey: 'I slept with Monica' Ross: 'You slept with my sister?' Joey: 'Yes but it was, we just did it once, in London' Ross: 'This is not good ...'3
Rachel:'How come we found your underwear in our apartment the other day?' Joey:'That was the underwear I was wearing that night in London' Monica:'I guess I wanted to keep it ...'3
Joey: 'What're you doing?' Ross: 'I uh reorganized the fridge, see bottom shelf: meats and dairy, middle shelf: fruits and vegetables, and top shelf: ...'2
Ross: 'Hey, I am not unemployed, I'm on sabbatical' Joey: 'Hey, don't get ..., okay?' 3
Joey: 'Where are you doing your bell ringing?' Phoebe: 'They gave me a great spot, I'm the only one who can say Merry Christmas in 25 languages - ...'2
Rachel: 'I have 2 sisters' Danny: 'Are you close with them?' Rachel: 'No no, they're ...'4
Joey: 'Alright here we go, 1999, ...'4
Ross: 'You know, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say 'no divorces in '99'! Rachel: 'But your divorce isn't even final yet' Ross: '...'6/7
Phoebe: 'Mine is to pilot a commercial jet' Chandler: 'That's a good one too Pheebs, now all you have to do is find a plane-load of people whose resolution is to ...'4
Joey: 'My New Years Resolution is to learn how to play the guitar - you know those uh special skills I have listed on my resume, well I would love it if ...'5
QuotePunchlineWords Missing
Ross: 'I needed a new thing for today and there's this leather store that always smells so good and I thought to myself: I've never owned a really ... pair of pants before'2
Joey: 'Look it's not that big a deal, so Monica and Chandler are doing it' Rachel: 'I cannot believe you would say that' Joey: 'Sorry, Monica and Chandler are ...'2
Ross:'Someone I know is getting married and weddings are happy occasions, by the by it's my ex-wife Emily' Gunther:'Here's your scone' Ross:'Oh thanks Gunther, (pounds scone) ...'4
Janice:'I know what you all are thinking, but Chandler is in Yemen, I have needs, I can't wait forever, I'm asking you please, take a moment before you judge me' Phoebe: 'Oh, ...'3
Ross: 'I know what you guys are gonna say' Phoebe: 'You two would have ...' Ross: 'Okay, I didn't know you'd say that' 3
Janice: 'I just don't think I can take another second of your whining' Ross: 'Lemme make sure I'm hearing this right, you're saying I've become so whiny that ... - Janice'3
Chandler: 'I'm telling you, she gives the worst massages ever, it was like she was torturing me for information and I wanted to give it up, I just - I ...'5
Joey: 'If it really hurts that bad you should just tell her' Chandler: 'For the first time in my life I'm in a real relationship. I'm not gonna screw that up by, you know, ...'3
Joey: 'It is odd how a woman's purse looks so good on me, a man' Rachel: 'Exactly, unisex' Joey: '..., I had sex a couple days ago'4
Phoebe: 'As a masseuse and a human, I beg of you, never do that to anyone' Monica: 'I give good massages, I used to give them to Rachel all the time before ...'3
Monica:'You've been lying to me? I can't believe you would do that' Ross:'Maybe he just didn't wanna hurt your feelings' Monica: 'But the minute we start to lie to each other, ...'6
Chandler: 'I don't like your massages - but now see, you're crying' Monica: 'I'm crying about something that happened at work' Chandler: 'What?' Monica: '...'8
Phoebe: 'You came to see Lily?' Frank: 'Yeah yeah, why?' Phoebe: 'Lily's dead' Frank: 'Are you sure?' Phoebe: 'Well if she isn't ...'6

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