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Can you name the famous enemies of the Roman Republic and Empire?

Updated Apr 10, 2014

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I was a Carthaginian general that nearly brought Rome to its knees during the Second Punic War.
I was a Hellenistic king that invaded Italy and scored some costly victories in the 3rd century BC.
I was the final Egyptian pharaoh, and committed suicide with my Roman lover in 30 BC.
I was king of Pontus in Asia Minor, and fought several wars with Rome in the 1st century BC.
I was a Gallic chieftain who was defeated by Caesar at the Battle of Alesia in 52 BC.
I was a Germanic chieftain who defeated the Romans at the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in AD 9.
I was king of the Seleucid Empire, and fought an unsuccessful war against Rome that would lead to the crumbling of my empire.
I was a Thracian slave who led a revolt against Rome in the 1st century BC.
I was a Brittonic queen who began an uprising against the Roman occupation of Britain in AD 60.
I was king of the Sassanid Empire, and captured the Roman Emperor Valerian in AD 260.
I was a Jewish leader that led a revolt against the Romans in Judaea in AD 132.
I was a Hunnic emperor that imposed a ransom of half the Western Roman Empire from Valentinian III in order to prevent my invasion.
I was a Visigothic king who sacked Rome for the first time in several centuries in AD 410.
I was a Germanic general who deposed the final Western Roman emperor in AD 476, becoming the first non-Roman king of Italy.
I was king of Macedon, and fought two wars with Rome from 215-197 BC.

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