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Ship NameShip ClassRegistry
USS DefiantNX-74205
USS EnterpriseNCC-1701/-A
USS EnterpriseNCC-1701-B
USS EnterpriseNCC-1701-C
USS EnterpriseNCC-1701-D
USS EnterpriseNCC-1701-E
USS EquinoxNCC-72381
USS ExcelsiorNX-2000
Ship NameShip ClassRegistry
USS FarragutNCC-60597
USS PasteurNCC-58925
USS PrometheusNC-59650
USS Rio GrandeNCC-72452
USS StargazerNCC-2893
USS Thomas PaineNCC-65530
USS ThunderchildNCC-63549
SS TsiolkovskyNCC-53911
USS VoyagerNCC-74656

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