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Can you name the supporting characters of Superhero comics?

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Hero(es) associated withCharacterRelation to Hero(es)
SupermanBoss (Editor in Chief, Daily Planet)
SupermanCo-worker (Photographer)
SupermanFormer girlfriend
SupermanAdopted father
SupermanAdopted mother
BatmanPolice commissioner
BatmanCEO, Wayne Enterprises
BatmanLove interest (news reporter)
Spider-ManUncle (deceased)
Spider-ManFormer wife
Spider-ManBoss (Publisher, Daily Bugle)
Spider-ManClassmate/bully (eventual friend)
Spider-ManLove interest (deceased)
Hero(es) associated withCharacterRelation to Hero(es)
Wonder WomanLove interest
The HulkWife (deceased)
The HulkFather-in-Law (Military General)
Fantastic FourLove interest (Ben Grimm)
Fantastic FourMailman
DaredevilBest friend/Law firm partner
DaredevilLove interest (deceased)
DaredevilReporter (Daily Bugle)
The Flash IIWife (Barry Allen)
The Flash IIIWife (Wally West)
Iron ManAssistant/Love interest
Iron ManButler
Iron ManChauffeur
Green LanternFriend/pilot
The PunisherBest friend/Weapons supplier

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