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The host nation marches first in the opening ceremony
Water Motorsports is an ex-Olympic sport
Fencing has appeared at every Olympic Games
The Federated States of Micronesia have competed at the Olympics
France have won Olympic medals in Cricket
Merlene Ottey never won an Olympic Gold medal
The Olympics have taken place in Belgium
India have never won an Olympic Gold medal
The Olympics have been hosted in the USA more often than in Asia
In the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, equestrian events were held in Stockholm
Michael Phelps has more Olympic gold medals than Jamaica
Libya have never won an Olympic medal
Women competed at the 1896 Olympics
Finland have won more Olympic medals than Greece
Muhammad Ali only won bronze at the 1960 Olympic Boxing event
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Israel's only Olympic gold to date is in Shooting
Great Britain took part in the 1980 Moscow Olympics boycott
One of the Olympic rings is blue
There are more Swimming events than Athletics events at the Olympics
Netball has been an Olympic sport
No one has won over 10 medals in running events
There has been a 100m sprint event at every Olympics
The oldest Olympic champion was over 70 years old
Over 300 events will be contested at London 2012 in total
In 2012, women will compete in all the same Athletics events as men
Larisa Latynina has won more Olympic medals than anyone else
BMX racing became an Olympic sport in 2008
Carl Lewis has lit an Olympic Cauldron
There has been an Olympic Games hosted in Africa
Gold medals have been pure gold since the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics

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