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Can you name the card suit which refers to each of the clues?

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Name a card suit which is....Card Suit
A dog owned by Sir Isaac Newton
A singer whose singles include Sweet Caroline and Cracklin' Rosie
A double decker sandwich
To Tyler Durden, a place to fight
The 60th anniversary
A children's book by Edmondo De Amicis
The shape of the field on which baseball is played
A chocolate biscuit made by Jacob's or a cracker made by Keebler
With Rushden, a football club based in Northamptonshire
A common juggling prop
An Early form of Chinese currency
A band with hits called Barracuda and These Dreams
A bony mass on the tails of dinosaurs such as the ankylosaurids
Featured in a James Bond film starring Sean Connery
4.5pt font size
A sand wedge for e.g.
Always made of pure carbon
The only card needed by Lemmy
A digging tool
A UK radio network with the slogan 'more music variety'

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