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Hint4-letter word
⋄ Image 1 ⋄
Sideways lean of a ship
Belly button fluff
Period between Ash Wednesday and Easter
⋄ Image 2 ⋄
Immanuel ____: 18th Century philosopher
Crave an object
Skin groth caused by human papillomavirus
⋄ Image 3 ⋄
Community Chest or Chance
⋄ Image 4 ⋄
Ring a phone
Entrance room to a house
Frans ____: Laughing Cavalier painter
Hint4-letter word
⋄ Image 5 ⋄
____ Azaria: Voice of Moe and Apu
Cold and wet
Devoid of light
____ Gently: Douglas Adams detective
⋄ Image 6 ⋄
Strike with a foot
⋄ Image 7 ⋄
Fifth most populous French city
Square root of eighty one
Fork prong
Very small
⋄ Image 8 ⋄
Green Caribbean bird related to the kingfisher
⋄ Image 9 ⋄

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