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[First Rung]. James [Last Rung]
Structural organ made up of mineralized osseous tissue
The ____ Ranger, friend of Tonto
1963 film: From Russia with ____
1967 film: You only ____ Twice
Venezuelan government funded television network
Climbing plant grapes may be found on
Unique serial numbers used to identify individual motor vehicles
Competes for something
1985 film: A ____ to a [Rung 17]
Open source binary file viewer renamed Beye in 2010
Moveable stand on which a coffin rests
Level of seating in a stadium
Neck garments originating from the Crioatian cravats
Another name for sesame plants
Cultivation of land by ploughing and harrowing
1989 film: Licence to ____
SI unit for mass
____ Touré: Ivorian footballer, elder brother of Yaya
A large knife from the Philippines
Darkened font
[Last Rung]. James [First Rung]

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