Greek God or Roman Rip-Off

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Can you name the gods that are the Greek equivalents?

Updated Nov 8, 2012

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GodsGreek GodTitle
Jupiter or ZeusKing of the Gods
Pluto or HadesGod of Death and the Underworld
Eros or CupidGod of Love
Artemis or DianaGoddess of the Hunt and Moon
Venus or AphroditeGoddess of Love and Beauty
Hermes or MercuryMessenger of the Gods
Neptune or PoseidonGod of the Sea
Hera or JunoQueen of Gods and Goddess of Marriage
Hephaestus or VulcanGod of Fire and Forge
Vesta or HestiaGoddess of Hearth and Home
Dionysus or BacchusGod of Wine
Kronos or SaturnGod of Time
Ceres or DemeterGoddess of Fertility and Agriculture
Fauna or MaiaGoddess of Animals
Mars or AresGod of War and Vengeance

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