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Can you name the English counties which fit the categories?

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Name an English County That...Example County
Has a population over 1,000,000
Borders Scotland
Is one of the 10 lowest counties at its peak
Contains a cardinal direction in its name
Ends in the letter 'X'
Contains a National Park
Has a first-class county cricket team
Borders no more than 1 other county
The River Severn flows though
Has one of the 10 smallest areas
Contains the name of a river
Had county status revoked in the 20th century*
Contains a double letter in its name
Is one of the Home Counties
Has a population below 500,000
Name an English County That...Example County
Borders Wales
Is one of the 5 highest counties at its peak
Contains a Royal Residence
Has a coastline
Begins and ends in a vowel
Borders exactly two other counties
The M1 motorway runs through
Is one word at least 15 letters long
Begins in the letter 'W'
Contains 4 of the vowels A, E, I, O or U
Lies directly on the Prime Meridian
Contains a World Heritage Site
Has an animal on its flag
Does not contain an officially designated city
Became a county in 1974

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