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Highest Mountain
8,848m (Nepal/China, Asia) 
6,962m (Argentina, South America) 
6,194m (USA, North America) 
5,895m (Tanzania, Africa) 
5,642m (Russia, Europe) 
4,897m (Antarctica) 
4,884m (Indonesia, Oceania) 
Longest River
4,132 miles (Africa) 
4,000 miles (South America) 
3,917 miles (Asia) 
3,902 miles (North America) 
2,266 miles (Europe) 
2,094 miles (Oceania) 
Largest Population
1,322,044,605 (Asia) 
303,824,640 (North America) 
191,241,714 (South America) 
149,229,090 (Africa) 
142,200,000 (Europe)  
22,028,000 (Oceania) 
Smallest Population
800 (Europe) 
9,265 (Oceania) 
39,817 (North America) 
87,476 (Africa) 
379,174 (Asia) 
472,000 (South America) 
Largest City
13,831,900 (Asia) 
11,037,593 (South America) 
10,508,971 (Europe) 
8,841,916 (North America) 
7,937,932 (Africa) 
4,399,722 (Oceania) 
Highest Business Revenue
$477.3 Billion, Oil & Gas (North America) 
$355.8 Billion, Oil & Gas (Europe) 
$264.8 Billion, Automotive (Asia) 
$208.3 Billion, Oil & Gas (South America) 
$59.5 Billion, Mining (Oceania) 
Most Successful Olympian
14 Golds (2B), Swimming (North America) 
9 Golds (5S, 2B), Gymnastics (Europe) 
8 Golds(3S, 1B), Gymnastics (Asia) 
5 Golds (3S, 1B), Swimming (Oceania) 
3 Golds (1S), Athletics (Africa) 
Highest Ranked Universities
1st (North America) 
2nd (Europe) 
17th (Oceania) 
22nd (Asia) 
146th (Africa) 
Longest Life Expectancy
82.6 (Asia) 
81.8 (Europe) 
81.2 (Oceania) 
80.7 (North America) 
76.4 (South America) 
74.0 (Africa) 

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