Inkheart Series Characters

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 bookbinder's daughter
 bookbinder's wife
 fire-eater's companion
 from Arabian Nights
 assassin made of ashes
 most devoted henchman
 henchman with a limp
 henchman with a bad face
 the Magpie
 villain's successor
 fire-eater's wife
 fire-eater's daughter
 fire-eater's daughter
 former minstrel's son
 a healer
 a bad fire-eater
 the Silver Prince
 Her Ugliness
 strolling players
 Her Ugliness' son
 fire-eater's new companion
 Inkweaver's landlady
 landlady's son
 landlady's daughter
 glass man
 leader of strolling players
 leader's companion
 a strolling player
 Silver Prince's minstrel
 former fire-raiser
 king of Ombra
 king of Ombra's son
 Inkweaver's granddaughter
 Inkweaver's grandsons
 Inkweaver's grandsons
 pregnant woman

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