How I Met Your Mother characters (50)

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Can you name the How I Met Your Mother characters (lots)?

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Barney's college girlfriend
Obsessed with Ted and hates Barney, played by Britney Spears
Creator of 'The Naked Man'
Lily's high school boyfriend, is obsessed with her
Actor who does the narrating voice
Robin's younger sister
Robin is good friends with this Canadian actor
Gets married early in season 1, forbids Ted from bringing Robin to her wedding
Ted's younger sister
Girl from 'The Pineapple Incident' and 'Third Wheel'
Pornstar who takes Ted's name and Ted convinces him to use this name instead
Ted's boss in season 2, designs the phallic building design
Waitress at McClaren's
Ted's hook
Main character, 'Suit up!'
Really a paralegal, though Barney tricks Ted into thinking she is a hooker
Robin's boyfriend from Argentina
Convinced Ted to get a tattoo
Girl who teaches Ted to rain dance
Marshall tries to make Lily jealous with this woman
Crazy girl who has sex with Barney in Marshall and Lily's new apartment and appears several more times
Robin's coworker in season 5 who tries the Naked Man on her
Robin's boyfriend from Canada, a member of The Foreskins
Aggressive bartender who likes to fight
'Crazy eyes' girl
Main character, Canadian
Security guard who becomes well liked by Marshall and Barney because of his poetic romantic lines
Ted hires this man to work for him
Barney believes this man is his father
Ted's boss at Goliath National Bank
Girl who is almost never available, seen in 'The Window'
Robin asked this 'celebrity' to give her an Old King Clancy
Barney's brother
Gets married early in season 1, friend of Ted and Marshall
Ted's college girlfriend, hated by Lily and Marshall
Ted breaks up with this girl twice on her birthday
Friend of Marshall, goes on man-dates with him
This girl's roommate is revealed to be Ted's future wife in season 5
Main character, narrator
Main character, kindergarten teacher
Main character, lawyer
Ted's girlfriend for part of the first season
Woman who took Barney's virginity
Cab driver from Bangladesh
Bartender and owner of McClaren's
Robin's coworker who Ted keeps her away from by doing a rain dance
Leaves Ted at the altar
Takes Ted's fiancee away from him
Celebrity who appears in 'The Best Burger in New York'
Ted's stepfather, who sings a very inappropriate song at their wedding

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