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Can you name the 20 Miller Beer Brands listed below (not all Miller brands in existence are in quiz)?

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ClueBeerExtra Hint
Light Beer'Triple Hops Brewed'
Champagne of BeersWendell: 'Good honest beer at a tasty price!'
Champagne of Beers (Light Version)-
Rusty Wallace's first Nascar sponsored carYellow and black packaging
Lowest Calorie Beer made by MillerFollowed by Budweiser 55
Fine Malt LiquorKnown for a bee on packaging
Energy-HybridComes in single 16 oz cans or 4 packs
Chelada style beerHint of lime
Main Sponsor of the 2008 World Series of PokerName of the beer includes the city it's brewed in
ClueBeerExtra Hint
BeastNot light or ice
The Beast with 5.9% Alc/Vol
Created By Theodore Hamm-
The Light Version created by Theodore Hamm-
American-style Ice Lager'Igloo'
'Australian for beer'-
Brewed in Chippewa FallsCraft beer, comes in multiple varieties
American-style lager that is part of the Plank Road Brewery'Crimson Mutt'
Imported from Rome-
First brewed in Pilsen, Czech RepublicMeans 'Original Source of Pilsner Beer'

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