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actorcharacternumber of episodes
Michael DeLuise13
Devon Michaels9
Scott Patterson154
David Sutcliffe37
Rose Abdoo23
Bill Yeager13
Chad Michael Murray11
John Cabrera32
Teal Redmann34
Arielle Kebbel9
Liz Torres79
Tricia O'Kelley8
Michael Winters53
Michelle Ongkingco7
Greg Henry9
Adam Brody9
Sebastian Bach13
Tanc Sade14
Milo Ventimiglia37
Jackson Douglas57
Kelly Bishop154
Liza Weil127
Alexis Bledel154
Emily Kuroda43
Matt Czuchry59
actorcharacternumber of episodes
Jared Padalecki63
Krysten Ritter8
Aris Alvarado21
Danny Strong21
Lauren Graham154
Olivia Hack8
Alan Loayza15
Melissa McCarthy153
Mike Gandolfi20
Keiko Agena154
Sally Struthers52
Todd Lowe42
Kathleen Wilhoite16
Edward Herrmann154
Sherilyn Fenn9
Vanessa Marano13
Yanic Truesdale154
Rini Bell15
Sean Gunn137
Chris Eigeman13
Katie Walder8
Ethan Cohn12
Shelly Cole33
Scott Cohen13
Ted Rooney19

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