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its all the same(5)
everyday it seems(3)
another place(6)
i'd drive all night just to (3)
i'm a cowboy(6)
i'm wanted(3)
sometimes i sleep(5)
and the people i meet(5)
sometimes you tell the day(6)
and times when you're alone(5)
i'm a cowboy on a steel(3)
i'm wanted (wanted)(3)
wanted (wanted) dead(2)
i'm a cowboy, on a steel horse i ride(6)
oh i walk these streets(7)
i play for keeps(7)
i've been everywhere and still i'm(2)
i've seen a million faces(5)
i'm a cowboy, on a steel horse(2)
i'm wanted (wanted) dead(2)
i'm a cowboy(7)
i'm wanted (wanted)(3)
and i ride (and i ride), dead or alive(8)
dead or alive, dead or alive(6)

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