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Leader of the international women's movement. National Executive member of the German Social Democratic party. Long time comrade of Rosa Luxemburg, helped create the Spartacists 1857-1933
Helped create the Russian Social-Democratic party, becoming a Menshevik after the split in the party, but he tried to keep the party united1856-1918
Member of the ’Left-Communist’ faction which opposed signing of Brest-Litovsk Peace in 1917 in favour of a revolutionary war; Formed right bloc with Zinoviev,Kamenev and Stalin1888-1938
Indian Communist, agitator, philosopher and key leader of the Comintern1892-1970
Peruvian writer and agitator. Self-educated. Historian of European Marxism and movements in South America, founded the first communist cell in Peru. 1894-1930
German Left Communist, later lived in the U.S.. Main exponent of “Council Communism” and opponent of idea of Revolution being led by a political party 1903-1981
International Secretary of Fourth International after War; developed theory of 'centuries of deformed workers states' 1911-1996
In the 1950s he joined forces with Charles Taylor, Raphael Samuel, and Gabriel Pearson to launch the journal Universities and New Left Review1932-
American journalist and labor activist. Founder of the Socialist Workers Party & Fourth International in 1938, later founded the International Socialist party 1914-1990
French socialist, participated in the Paris Commune, married to Laura Marx. 1841-1911

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