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Hungarian philosopher, writer, and literary critic. Commissar for Culture and Education in Hungary's short-lived Socialist government of 1919 1885-1971
Commonly thought to have held together his ethnically divided nation, which descended into ethnic warfare after his death1892-1980
Born in Palestine to Zionist parents in 1917, became a prominent British Trotskyist and leader of International Socialism, which later became the SWP1917-2000
Wrote an acclaimed 3 volume biography of Trotsky1907-1967
Murdered with Rosa Luxemburg in 19191871-1919
Belgian theorist linked with the Fourth International1923-1995
British campaigning journalist and nephew of a former Labour leader1937-2004
One time husband of the artist Frida Kahlo1886-1957
American Sociologist, author of 'The Power Elite' 1916-1962
Chilean singer, recently exhumed and reburied. Murdered by the Pinochet government1932-1973

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