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Can you name the events, people and places of 1968?

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January 5th: This man becomes leader of the Czechoslovak Communist Party and the Prague Spring ensues
January 30th: The Vietcong launch this offensive with a series of surprise attacks
March 17th: This Square in London is the scene of a large scale demonstration against the Vietnam War
March 16th: Massacre of civilians by American troops in Vietnam
March 22nd: This French-German student radical leads rebellion at the University of Nanterre
April 2nd: This Leader of the German Red Army Faction plants bombs in a Frankfurt department store
April 11th: Josef Bachmann tries to assassinate this German left wing leader of the APO
May: Events at this Paris University lead many students to believe that revolution is imminent
June 3rd: This radical feminist shoots Andy Warhol, wounding him
August 22–30: Police clash with anti War Protestors outside this event in Chicago
October 2nd: A student demonstration in Mexico ends in a bloodbath 10 days before the inauguration of this event
October 16th: These 2 black Americans competing in the Olympic 200-meter run, raise their arms in a black power salute

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