Lie v. Lay

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Can you name the correct usage of either 'lie' or 'lay' in each sentence?

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It was just at the start of the heroin epidemic that______waste to Scotland's most vulnerable estates.
Prerogative remedies for criminal charges will not ordinarily______where an appeal is available.
I didn't know what to do with myself, so I just______down, hugged myself, and started crying.
You all just______around all day on your backsides, didn’t you?
She bent her body and______herself on her side above Archie's paper.
The dog whined and gently______its head into her lap.
The horse had______his ears back.
Below, yachts and dinghies play in the bay and the bright red ferry leaves for Cape Clear, off which______the Fastnet Rock, Ireland's southernmost point.
There could no longer be any doubt where real power___.
A good skipper will have a plentiful supply of bottled water in the icebox, but it is as well to check before leaving port that he had______in enough to last the day.
I wake up at 5am and______there, pretending I am going to go back to sleep.
Hint___'lie' or 'lay'?___Hint
When the Reformers rediscovered the Bible, they rediscovered a two-tier Holy Land: a real, dusty place and,______over it and perfusing it, an even more real spiritual land.
He______before the house a few minutes ago proposals for the establishment of the committee.
Vincent sighed______an arm gently over my shoulder.
Rarely within the living memory has so much skill______barren
She has the ability to scratch and burrow under the surface of human experience and______bare both the sacred and profane.
On the acropolis is a smaller walled-in area where a ruined Byzantine chapel______over the foundations of the Temple of Athena.
The strenuousness and power of a godward life shows itself in the privileges and responsibilities______upon the Christian by this identity.
Wind whistled against the hole in the back wall, which heightened the eerie effect of the scene which______before them.
For decades the old garden had______dormant and almost forgotten as many others of that period often do.
Overhead, German spotters were looking for us, and I promised the men we would______low, keep out of sight, and sleep.
He seems to have a strategy, but it is one that he does not seem to have______open for public view and debate.

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