Legendary Pokemon by Location

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Can you name the Legendary Pokemon by Location?

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Sky Pillar
Roaming Ruby
Trade from Pokemon Ranger
Mt Ember
Spear Pillar
Giant Chasm
Liberty Island
Breed Manaphy
Glitch, Cheat or Event
Lake Acuity
Fullmoon Island
Ancient Tomb
Flower Paradise
Pinwhell Forest
Power Plant
Cave of Origin
Mistralton Cave
N's Castle
Lake Verity
Island Cave
Desert Ruins
Snowpoint Temple
Roaming White
Roaming in Johto
Newmoon Island
N's Castle
Roaming in Johto
Ilex Forest
Roaming in Johto
Birth Island
Hall of Origin
Turnback Cave
Abundant Shrine
Glithes and cheats
Cave of Origin
Roaming Sapphire
Cerulean Cave
Whirl Islands
Roaming Black
Bell Tower
Lake Valor
Seafoam Islands
Spear Pillar
Victory Road
Stark Mountain

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