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Hen PestFirst recorded Christian Martyr
A GerbilBlow that horn!
Here I JamWeeping Prophet
He PraisesLegalistic sect often rebuked by Jesus
Used OxBook recording Israel's departure from Egypt
Irish CantonPauline epistle(s) written to a Greek Church
GermanWhere Jesus laid as an infant
I AllegeSea and region frequented by Jesus and Disciples
MoniesOne of 12 Israeli tribes
Steam TentThere's an Old and a New
VowelsYou can find them is sheep's clothing
Hen VineAssyrian capital, Jonah's mission field
Ash LimeIsaac's half brother, or Moby Dick protagonist
InclosureFirst Gentile convert to Christianity
Bat SpitProminent denomination, also John's charactonym
Harden SinCourt of elders which condemned Jesus
RazeNehemiah's pal
Young AgesJewish house of worship
MeshSon of Noah
DailyPaul's first convert in Philippi
Rowboat HelmOne of 12 Apostles
Actor is ISurname of traitorous Disciple
Shiniest LipEnemies of Israel; Goliath was one
Lad Or PigA Wayward Son
A RashIsaac's Mom
Ram HatBusy sister of Mary
Sea GulpAfter 10 of these, Pharoah will do anything
Mean GladeOne of the 'Mary's'
RepentsTempted Eve in the garden of Eden
Chic LonersBooks (other than Kings) about Kings
Eternal CabTemple precursor, used in the Wilderness
An OarFirst High Priest
Haze RantJesus' home town
Bee RunOldest brother of Joseph
Hip LipEvangelist who converted Ethiopian Eunuch
See SignPhil Collins' band, or first book in Pentatruch
Buzzard EnhanceBabylonian King in Daniel's day
Our Demon YetBook written by Moses
PraiseNation which, along with Medes, conquered Babylon
Health MuseOldest person recorded in the Bible

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