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HintNameFamous Cousin
(1) Ex-wife of 'Conan the Barbarian' actorJohn F. Kennedy, Jr.
(2) Scandalized American televangelist# 3 (part of trio)
(3) Country musician whose bar was featured in 'Urban Cowboy'# 4 (part of trio)
(4) Controversial 'Great Balls of Fire' singer# 2 (part of trio)
(5) Wild West outlaw gang (just their last name will work) known for failed Coffeyville, Kansas raidThe Younger Gang (Cole, Jim, John, Bob)
(6) Boston Tea Party rebel, American Founding Father, and beer iconPresident John Adams
(7) German Monarch during WWI# 8 (part of trio)
(8) British Monarch during WWI# 9 (part of trio)
HintNameFamous Cousin
(9) Russian Monarch during WWI# 7 (part of trio)
(10) Powerful U.S. First Lady, UN delegate 1945-1952President Franklin Roosevelt (5th cousin)
(11) 'The Conqueror', victor of Battle of HastingsKing Edward the Confessor
(12) Biblical figure, commander of King David's armies, slew AbsalomKing David
(13) Ex-Iraqi Ruler'Chemical Ali', mass murderer
(14) IQ of over 300, but what's under all that hair?Gomez Addams
(15) Former Princess of Wales, famous victim of paparazziWinston Churchill (4th cousin, twice removed)

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