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Last AgainPauline epistle following Corinthians
Fin MasherPeter's Occupation
Evil Is CutBook written by Moses
SerialJacob's other name
Lewder SinsWhere the children of Israel wandered forty years
RansomFirst Pauline Epistle
No RecruitersCentral Christian belief, the dead rising to life again
HordeRuler of Judea, had babes in Bethlehem killed
He Gets NameGarden where Jesus prayed
Wander1 of 12 Disciples
A ShoeMinor Prophet, married Gomer
ThreesJewish Queen, heroine of Purim celebration
As MartianNationality of Good Neighbor on Jericho road
Ah OprahYul Brynner role; Egyptian Ruler
A Mob HeroKing when Israel and Judah split
Bony LabNation which took Judah into captivity
No AimRuth's Mother-in-law
Cats...of the Apostles
Thy BeanHometown of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus
MasonsJust don't cut his hair
As MuleProphet, anointed first two Kings
Ill HeadSamson's fickle lover
CableJoshua's partner
Buries ItRoman Caesar during Jesus' lifetime
No LoomsWisest and richest King
Lice FurLiterally 'Light Bearer', Name of Devil
Retain LoveJohn's Magnus Opus
NailedThink lions
Wet MathGospel Writer
Hog TailGiant, killed by a shepherd boy

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