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Popular Country group, releases 'Feels So Right' album and wins first of five consecutive 'Entertainer of the Year' awards
Actress, fell overboard and drowned while sailing with husband Robert Wagner
Little blue cartoon people and their enemy Gargamel became popular
Wocka, wocka, wocka - beware of ghosts while playing this video classic
Microsoft releases this operating system
'You cannot be serious!'. Defeats Bjorn Borg for his first of three Wimbledon titles
Across the road and over the river; don't sit on a log too long! Popular arcade game with an amphibian hero.
Television network launched, initial offering is Buggles 'Video killed the radio star'
Married Prince Charles
On Dec. 11, he lost his last boxing match to Trevor Berbick before retiring for good
TV show about an oil-rich Denver family starring Joan Collins, Heather Locklear, and John Forsythe, debuts.
Baggy in the later 80's, these break dancer's nylon necessities were tight-fitting in 1981
'The Tide is High' hits # 1 for this singer
Good Night, John Boy! This TV show ends after 10 seasons.
Reggae Legend, dies of cancer in May
Runaway smash movie with a fedora-wearing, adventure seeking professor
Kool and the Gang score this # 1 hit in February
In May, this religious leader is shot four times in an assassination attempt
'No wire hangers, ever!' Critical Joan Crawford bio released.
Popular toy - could you get the colors to match on all six sides without taking it apart?
Album by Rock band Foreigner, spends five weeks as # 1 album in November and December
What's the frequency, Kenneth? Walter Cronkite retires after a 19-year run as CBS Evening News anchor and is replaced by this man.
USC running back, wins Heisman Trophy. Never runs through airports, but does later play for Oakland Raiders
Actress Valerie Bertinelli marries this rocker and guitar hero on April 11.
German WWII submarine epic released (released 1982 in US)
Smokin' Hottie, portrays Daisy Duke on TV hit 'The Dukes of Hazzard'
First female U.S. Supreme Court Justice nominated
'9 to 5' is # 1 pop and country song for this artist

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