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Some people go on vacation for this
Country western singer, actor, and restaurant chain, he also rode a horse named Trigger
Tournament format in which each team plays each other once
A luxury car, to most
'The Gipper', was the oldest elected president and survived assination in 1981
Lucy's husband in 'I Love Lucy'
Underdog Notre Dame football player with a namesake movie
Dorothy's slippers were this color
This hare was framed, but not by his wife Jessica
A Stephen King novel that was also a TV mini-series
Jackson 5 hit single
He was 'The Electric Horseman' and played Sundance to Newman's Cassidy
Former ESPN host and current co-anchor of 'Good Morning America'
Sammy Hagar's nickname
She had an affair with 'Thomas Crown', but married a 'Lethal Weapon'
He played Mike on the Brady Bunch
Pale lager launched in 1939 by the Latrobe Brewing Company
A musical genre or a song from Led Zeppelin IV
Controversial film critic and former host of 'At the Movies'
Nickname for Texas Tech University
He played Shaft, originally.
1 of 4 properties on each side of a Monopoly board
It's primary ingredients are scotch whisky, sweet vermouth, and bitters
The worlds wealthiest kid in the comics and a Macaulay Culkin film
He will always be 'Meathead' to Archie Bunker
Former member of The Band or a character from Spiderman

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