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Can you name the word combinations that both begin with the letter R?

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A musical genre or a song from Led Zeppelin IV
Some people go on vacation for this
Underdog Notre Dame football player with a namesake movie
Former member of The Band or a character from Spiderman
Nickname for Texas Tech University
A luxury car, to most
A Stephen King novel that was also a TV mini-series
This hare was framed, but not by his wife Jessica
Tournament format in which each team plays each other once
Jackson 5 hit single
He played Shaft, originally.
Lucy's husband in 'I Love Lucy'
'The Gipper', was the oldest elected president and survived assination in 1981
Sammy Hagar's nickname
He played Mike on the Brady Bunch
1 of 4 properties on each side of a Monopoly board
He was 'The Electric Horseman' and played Sundance to Newman's Cassidy
Country western singer, actor, and restaurant chain, he also rode a horse named Trigger
Former ESPN host and current co-anchor of 'Good Morning America'
Dorothy's slippers were this color
Controversial film critic and former host of 'At the Movies'
Pale lager launched in 1939 by the Latrobe Brewing Company
She had an affair with 'Thomas Crown', but married a 'Lethal Weapon'
The worlds wealthiest kid in the comics and a Macaulay Culkin film
He will always be 'Meathead' to Archie Bunker
It's primary ingredients are scotch whisky, sweet vermouth, and bitters

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