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Student NamesHigh SchoolMovie or TV Name
Cher Horowitz, Dionne Davenport, Tai Frasier
Cady Heron, Regina George, Gretchen Wieners
Morris Thorpe, Warren Coolidge, Curtis Jackson
Greg, Marcia, & Peter Brady
Darlene Merriman, Arvid Engen, Janice Lazarotto
Warren Peace, Will Stronghold, Gwen Grayson
Joey Potter, Dawson Leery, Pacey Witter
Lindsay Weir, Ken Miller, Neal Schweiber
John Bender, Claire Standish, Brian Johnson
Kelly Kapowski, Lisa Turtle, Zachary Morris
Eric Forman, Donna Pinciotti, Michael Kelso
Student NamesHigh SchoolMovie or TV Name
Jason Street, Lyla Garrity, Landry Clarke
Betty Rizzo, Sandy Olsson, Danny Zuko
Summer Wheatley, Pedro Sanchez, Napolean Dynamite
Richard Cunningham, Ralph Malph, Potsie Webber
Stacy Hamilton, Linda Barrett, Jeff Spicoli
David Silver, Kelly Taylor, Steve Sanders
Jim Levenstein, Steve Stifler, Paul Finch
Wallace Fennel, Logan Echolls, Veronica Mars
Xander Harris, Buffy Summers, Cordelia Chase
Juan Epstein, Arnold Horshack, Vinnie Barbarino
Neil Goldman, Connie DiMico, Chris Griffin

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