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I can't help but spring these hoes.
Happy J the clown has a nursery rhyme.
Born with a hatchet and a juggalo face
Little Miss Muphet oh she never had a clue, of what the psychopathic wiked clown was fin'a do
You know i'm all good and everythin's all right, when you hear this scream in the middle of the night.
Home to the crimainals and crooks, home to the gangbangers shootin dirty looks
Me and my homies stay tight like a noose, and if you step to one of us you better step to the whole crew
Houses on fire, they blowin' up cars creatures on the streets and razor blades in candy bars
Had to shoo the birds off, picking at his face
Got my own food who wants some, I got opossum nipples and raccoon tongue

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