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?First European to reach North American Mainland
?Traveled to the Far East, to what was known then as Cathay or China-Made men want to travel there through his book
?Created navigation school in Sagres, Portugal Explored the western African coastline
?First European to round the Cape of Good Hope
?Made 4 voyages to West Indies and Caribbean Islands
?Sailed to West Indies and South America
?Explored the shores of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and Labrador
?First to travel to West Indies around Africa
?Led expedition across Panama and found the Pacific Ocean
?Explored Florida looking for the Fountain of Youth
?Commanded first globe circling voyage
?Conquered Aztecs in Mexico
?Searched for a Northwest Passage
?Conquered Peru
?Traveled St. Lawrence River
?Explored American Southeast-Discovered the Mississippi River
?Explored American Southwest
?First English to sail around the world-Defeated the Spanish Armada- Claimed California for England
?Explored eastern coast of North America and the coast of the St. Lawrence River to Lake Huron-Reached Lake Champlain
?Explored Hudson Bay, Hudson River, and Hudson Strait
?Explored Northern Mississippi River
?Traveled to the mouth of the Mississippi River and claimed it for France

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