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Can you name the words that are spelled right but sound wrong?

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Type of race, usually preceded by 'grand'
To wait, waiting
Animal with protective spikes
Army rank
A common lung condition causing shortness of breath
Small island
The whacky female character from the show friends
All time leading NFL passer in yards, TDs and INTS
A fruity drink made with rum
A city in central massachusetts that is misspronounced more than anything on earth
A day of the week
A famous river in London
A college in Ohio, with a nickname of Musketeers
A large clam, or where Peter Griffin lives
A big luxurious boat
Crazyness, insanity, loss of all control; Butters = Professor _____
Proof that you paid for something
Duke's Basketball Coach
25th U.S. State
21st U.S. State
13th U.S. State
Meeting point
A college in Pennsylvania, called 'The Dukes'
Considered by many to be the greatest NHL goalie of all time

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