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___glycemia stimulates Growth Hormones.
Preferred treatment for Acromegaly
AVP binds to ___ receptor- secrete ACTH
AVP binds to ____ receptor in the distal nephron (renal action)
Synthetic analog of AVP
Name a clinical presentation of Diabetes Insipidus.
Treatment for GH deficiency syndrome
Diagnostic test for Acromegaly
____% of Growth hormone deficiency syndrome in adults is due to tumor or tumor treatment
AVP binds to ___ receptor - cause smooth muscle vasoconstriction
Treatment for Hypopituitarism
Hormone produced by the pituitary somatotroph cells
Name a feature of Acromegaly
Name a treatment for Hyperprolactinemia
Name the diagnostic test for Diabetes Insipidus.
Name a sign of GH deficiency syndrome
Used for long term management of SIADH. This drug inhibits ADH action at kidney receptors.
Growth hormone is the most abundant anterior pituitary hormone and has a serum half life of ____ min
_______ saline is used in treatment of symptomatic hyponatremia in SIADH until serum Na reaches 125mEq/L
Name a drug that stimulates ADH release
One of the most common etiologies of SIADH
______ syndrome: Pituitary infarction after postpartum hemorrhage/hypotension. Also known as Hypopituitarism
Somatic dysfunctions causing Pituitary dysfunctions that are amenable to OMM.

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