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AVP binds to ___ receptor- secrete ACTH
Name a clinical presentation of Diabetes Insipidus.
Growth hormone is the most abundant anterior pituitary hormone and has a serum half life of ____ min
Preferred treatment for Acromegaly
Treatment for Hypopituitarism
Synthetic analog of AVP
Used for long term management of SIADH. This drug inhibits ADH action at kidney receptors.
Name a feature of Acromegaly
AVP binds to ___ receptor - cause smooth muscle vasoconstriction
Somatic dysfunctions causing Pituitary dysfunctions that are amenable to OMM.
Name a sign of GH deficiency syndrome
Treatment for GH deficiency syndrome
Hormone produced by the pituitary somatotroph cells
______ syndrome: Pituitary infarction after postpartum hemorrhage/hypotension. Also known as Hypopituitarism
Diagnostic test for Acromegaly
_______ saline is used in treatment of symptomatic hyponatremia in SIADH until serum Na reaches 125mEq/L
___glycemia stimulates Growth Hormones.
Name a drug that stimulates ADH release
AVP binds to ____ receptor in the distal nephron (renal action)
____% of Growth hormone deficiency syndrome in adults is due to tumor or tumor treatment
One of the most common etiologies of SIADH
Name the diagnostic test for Diabetes Insipidus.
Name a treatment for Hyperprolactinemia

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