Peripheral or Central Vertigo

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Sign or Symptoms Central (C) or Peripheral (P) Vertigo
Tinnitus often present
Spin toward fast phase
Bidirectional or Unidirectional nystagmus
Purely horizontal nystagmus may be present
Unidirectional fast phase nystagmus
Tinnitus usually absent
Associated CNS abnormalities - diplopia, hiccups, cranial neuropathies, dysarthria
Finite symptoms (minutes, days, weeks) but recurrent
Caused by BPPV, infection (labyrinthitis), Menieres neuronitis, ischemia, trauma, toxin
Sign or Symptoms Central (C) or Peripheral (P) Vertigo
Marked severity of vertigo
Mild vertigo
Common causes: vascular, demyelinating, neoplasm
Visual fixation inhibits nystagmus and vertigo
No inhibition of visual fixation
Vertical or purely torsional nystagmus may be present
Fall toward the slow phase
Chronic duration of symptoms

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