Osteopathic History California Part 2

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She was the OPSC legislative chairperson.
He was the president of AMA in 1952 and Grunigen’s counterpart on the MD side interested in merging DO and MD
Member of the AOA Board of Trustees in the 1940s and 50s. Chair of the COA’s “Fact Finding Committee” from the 1940s until 1962.
What year did the merger (proposition 22) occur between MDs and DOs in the California?
Name of the law suit filed by the OPSC against the CMA and Attorney General of the State of CA in 1968. The emphasis was on civil rights infringement.
He was the OPSC Executive Director in 1978-1997.
What year was proposition 22 reversed?
He was the PMR Chair in UCI CCM in 1970-1982.
He was DO that became a state senator in 1950s-1972.
He was the president of COA in 1940-1941 and pro merger in 1941-1960s
What year was TUCOM founded in SF?
She was a faculty member at COP& S in 1920s-1960s. She became the first woman dean of any medical school in the USA. COP&S Dean 1956-1962.

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