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The dilated base of the hair follicle is the hair root which contains the dermal papilla that was pushed initially by the epidermis – together they are known as the hair _____
_____ pilli muscle: Strand of smooth muscle that inserts into the connective tissue sheath of the hair follicle. This muscle normally inserts near the level of the hair bulb, and e
______ Corpuscle: Deep pressure nerve receptors. Found in deeper dermis. Look like onions.
______ Corpuscle: Sensory touch nerve receptors found in dermal papillae.
The skin and its appendages: sweat glands, sebaceous glands, hair and nails is what we call _______
Deeper to the dermis there is the ______ composed of loose connective and adipose tissue – this is not part of the skin
_____ Skin is present in other body parts and have the appendages
______ cells – antigen presenting cells in the stratum spinosum
Stratum _____: Immediately superior to stratum basale. Composed of several layers - Keratinocytes, Sites of desmosome attachments.
_____ is divided into 2 layers: the more superficial papillary layer and the deeper reticular layer
________ – pigmented cells located in the stratum basale
______ Root Sheath: Surrounds the cuticle of the hair. A thin cellular layer at the level of the hair bulb that becomes keratinized as it ascends the follicle.
Stratum ______: Only present in thick skin. Keratinocytes transitioning to stratum corneum.
A basement membrane known as the _____ membrane separates the dermis from the hair follicle
______ cells – sensory receptors located in the stratum basale
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Stratum ______: Primarily composed of mitotic stem cells responsible for renewal of keratinocytes. This is a single row of cells. 2 Main Cell Types are Stem cells and Melanocytes.
_____ layer: Pacinian corpuscle, Eccrine sweat glands
_____ layer: Dermal papillae, Capillary loops, Meissner's corpuscle
Stratum _____: Layers of dead, fully keratinized cells.
_____ glands: Large, light staining lobular glands that empty into follicles. These glands are filled with light-staining cells that usually have a small, pyknotic nucleus and a cy
The border between epidermis and dermis is marked by a series of dermal ridges or papillae that interdigitate with epidermal ridges that can be detected on the surface of the skin
_____ layer: composed of dense irregular collagenous connective tissue with thick collagen fibers and elastic fibers
A ____ connective tissue sheath surrounds the hear follicle
Sebaceous glands secrete an oily substance know as _____ which is supposed to maintain skin and hair texture
_____ layer: Most superficial layer of dermis, composed of a relatively loose irregular collagenous connective tissue. Includes dermal papillae or ridges.
____ Skin is present in the palm of the hands and sole of the fee
Sweat glands are simple coiled tubular glands located in the dermis or hypodermis and open into the surface of the skin at a sweat ______
The ______ root sheath is the outer layer of the follicular epithelium deep to the glassy membrane
Stratum _____: Basophilic keratinohyalin granules.

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