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_____ is divided into 2 layers: the more superficial papillary layer and the deeper reticular layer
_____ Skin is present in other body parts and have the appendages
Deeper to the dermis there is the ______ composed of loose connective and adipose tissue – this is not part of the skin
______ Corpuscle: Deep pressure nerve receptors. Found in deeper dermis. Look like onions.
_____ layer: Dermal papillae, Capillary loops, Meissner's corpuscle
_____ layer: composed of dense irregular collagenous connective tissue with thick collagen fibers and elastic fibers
The ______ root sheath is the outer layer of the follicular epithelium deep to the glassy membrane
A basement membrane known as the _____ membrane separates the dermis from the hair follicle
Stratum _____: Layers of dead, fully keratinized cells.
________ – pigmented cells located in the stratum basale
The border between epidermis and dermis is marked by a series of dermal ridges or papillae that interdigitate with epidermal ridges that can be detected on the surface of the skin
A ____ connective tissue sheath surrounds the hear follicle
Stratum ______: Primarily composed of mitotic stem cells responsible for renewal of keratinocytes. This is a single row of cells. 2 Main Cell Types are Stem cells and Melanocytes.
_____ glands: Large, light staining lobular glands that empty into follicles. These glands are filled with light-staining cells that usually have a small, pyknotic nucleus and a cy
The dilated base of the hair follicle is the hair root which contains the dermal papilla that was pushed initially by the epidermis – together they are known as the hair _____
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Sebaceous glands secrete an oily substance know as _____ which is supposed to maintain skin and hair texture
____ Skin is present in the palm of the hands and sole of the fee
______ Corpuscle: Sensory touch nerve receptors found in dermal papillae.
______ cells – antigen presenting cells in the stratum spinosum
Stratum ______: Only present in thick skin. Keratinocytes transitioning to stratum corneum.
Stratum _____: Basophilic keratinohyalin granules.
_____ pilli muscle: Strand of smooth muscle that inserts into the connective tissue sheath of the hair follicle. This muscle normally inserts near the level of the hair bulb, and e
The skin and its appendages: sweat glands, sebaceous glands, hair and nails is what we call _______
Sweat glands are simple coiled tubular glands located in the dermis or hypodermis and open into the surface of the skin at a sweat ______
______ cells – sensory receptors located in the stratum basale
______ Root Sheath: Surrounds the cuticle of the hair. A thin cellular layer at the level of the hair bulb that becomes keratinized as it ascends the follicle.
_____ layer: Most superficial layer of dermis, composed of a relatively loose irregular collagenous connective tissue. Includes dermal papillae or ridges.
Stratum _____: Immediately superior to stratum basale. Composed of several layers - Keratinocytes, Sites of desmosome attachments.
_____ layer: Pacinian corpuscle, Eccrine sweat glands

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