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Below the umbilicus on both sides
If organ pathology is found from Chapman's points, check your diagnosis by examining for TART changes and facilitation at that level on the ______ side.
Between Ribs 6 & 7
Medial aspect of IT band on the right
Between Ribs 3 & 4
Distal aspect of IT band on the left
Between Ribs 7 & 8
1' Lateral and 1' above the umbilicus
Finish treating the patient with _____ pump and pedal pump to ensure lymph is moving in the body.
Layer of tissue where Chapman's reflexes are found.
1' Lateral and 2' above the umbilicus
Treat Chapman's points in a circular fashion and attempt to flatten the mass as if mobilizing a localized fluid accumulation for _____ seconds.
Proximal aspect of IT band on the left
Normal sympathetic tone helps move lymph forward in smooth muscle contractions, but excessive sympathetic tone will ______ lymph vessels.
Directly above the umbilicus
Point at the end of the 12th rib on the right side only.
Between Ribs 8, 9, 10, 11
Name one of the body systems involved when treating Chapman's points.
Distal aspect of IT band on the right
Medial aspect of IT band on the left
Proximal aspect of IT band on the right
Type of Reflex in Chapman's point
Between Ribs 4 & 5
Between Ribs 2 & 3
Chapman's reflexes has a valid _____ model. There is good interexaminer reliability and correlate well with final hospital diagnoses.
In the umbilicus
Between Ribs 5 & 6
Treat ______ before Chapman's points. This will treat pelvic dysfunction so lymph, nervous tissue, endocrine structures, and vasculature can function better through the common rest
Diagnose and treat the thoracic inlet first. This strategy opens up the ____ points for lymphatic flow.
Thought to be palpable 'gangliform' contractions indicating excessive tissue congestion.

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