Cervical Spine Muscle Energy

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The articular pillars are ____finger breadth apart as you descend.
Cervical spine rotation follows the plane of the facets, thus anterior rotation is toward the _______.
The primary motion of the occiput on the atlas is?
The OA normally sidebends ______in extension than in flexion.
Treat the upper ________ spine before treating the cervical spine.
The transverse process of the atlas are palpable in space between the tip of the mastoid process and the angle of the ______.
Stenosis of the intervertebral foramen between C3 and C4 may effect which nerve root?
AA facets engaged have ______ motion.
If the atlanto-axial joint is restricted in right rotation, then it will be restricted in _______ sidebending.
Which cervical segment is best evaluated by flexing the neck to 45 degrees and rotating the head?
Sub-occipital muscles control which segments of the cervical spine?
In theory, sidebending and rotation should be in the _________ direction in the cervical spine.
The facets are always engaged, therefore there are no true _______ mechanics in the cervical spine.
Biggest risk of manipulation in the cervical spine.
Longus coli and Longus capitus are responsible for this motion of the head and neck
C3-C6 have small lateral joints called what?

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