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Two radio personnel are terrorized by a cannibalistic family while a vengeful cop searches for the men who killed his nephew1986
Tensions rise as scientists and soldiers attempt to survive a zombie apocalypse together in a military bunker1985
An Antarctic research team discover a shape-shifting alien in the ice1982
A momma's boy attempts to begin a relationship while trying to keep hidden the newly zombified corpses living in his house1992
Three friends experience car trouble while vacationing in Australia and are picked up by a man who helps at first, but then begins to torture the friends2005
After butchering two teenage girls, a gang of rapist-murderers unknowingly seek refuge at the house of one of their victims1972
A devout Christian cop investigates a disappearance in an isolated Pagan community1973
A couple moves into a new apartment, and when the wife falls pregnant, those around her start acting strangely1968
A scientist unwittingly splices his DNA with that of an insect and begins to metamorphosize into a new creature1986
A pregnant and recently widowed woman is attacked by a mysterious intruder who wants the unborn baby for herself2007
Sleep deprived teens in a psychiatric hospital band together to fight a dream killer in his own world1987
Scientists unleash hostile life forms while attempting to stimulate the pineal gland1986
A family works together to defeat a mutant fish that is terrorizing Seoul2006
A rescue vessel is dispatched to retrieve a long lost starship and discover a gateway to another dimension on board1997
College buddies rent a cabin in the woods and are plagued by a flesh-eating virus2002

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