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What puts the body in a state to utilise energy? HPAC or SAM?
Planning a revision schedule and improving coping resources is an example of which approach towards stress?
Anagram of 'Pee in well, B'
Looked at studies reviewing effects of social support
Positive evaluation of psychological methods of stress management
Stage 3 of Hardiness Training
What can be used to help with meditation?
A basic element to hardiness?
High demand and low control makes a...
The branch of the ANS where you are stressed
The results of Cohen's study found that if you feel more stressed, you are MORE/LESS likely to get the cold virus?
How does PMR help manage stress?
Nervous system that controls automatic responses, eg. homeostasis
In Marmot's study, what was the factor felt most important that affected the fact that lower grade workers had 1.5 times the problems than higher grade workers?
Positive evaluation of the GAS?
What does PMR stand for?
Help to identify pathogens and destroy them
An avoidant style method of the COPE scale
Part of the brain that is of most interest to psychologists.
Was Rosenman's study very ethical? (tip, participants were volunteers, gave informed consent, and were debriefed)
Something a company may do to reduce workplace stress.
Stage 1 of the SIT
The branch of the ANS where you are not stressed
Did a longitudinal study on participants with chronic stress
Looked at US hospital patients and made a list based on the changes in their lives of the last 6 months
Positive evaluation of beta blockers
What neurotransmitter do benzos inhibit production of?
What mode is the body in when HPAC and SAM have been activated?
Positive Methodological Issue of Marmot's study
The GAS stage where you become aware of a stressor and your body starts to produce a response
What does GABA do?
Positive evaluation of benzos
Stage 2 of Hardiness Training
Drugs used for stress management
Nervous system made up of the brain and spinal cord.
Negative evaluation of physical exercise
The tiny gap separating the presynaptic terminal of one neuron to the postsynaptic terminal.
The branch of the ANS activated by the hypothalamus in SAM
Grass pokemon that attempts to eat anything that moves near it. If this happens to be too large, it uses razor sharp leaves to cut its meal into pieces. Evolves from Bellsprout
Involves the secretion of antibodies from lymphocytes that recognise and destroy pathogens
Did experiments with rats to investigate stress
Cells that make up the nervous system; 15-100 billion of these in the brain.
Who proposed PMR?
Spinal nerves make up this nervous system.
Ethical issue of Marmot's study (one word)
Negative evaluation of biofeedback?
Negative evaluation of benzos
Negative evaluation of Holmes and Rahe?
Method of stress management Kobasa came up with
Physical exercise reduces spare glucose created by...
The GAS stage where HPAC and SAM are high but you can't deal with stress (eg. chronic), so you start to get ill.
Outside factors, eg. smoking, accounted for how much of a difference between grades of workers in the Whitehall 1 study?
The GAS stage where HPAC and SAM levels are high and you either get over the stress, or move on to Stage 3.
Negative methodological issue on Kobasa's study
Librium is an example of a benzo. Give another example. (1)
In SAM, the adrenal medulla releases hormones such as...
Releases ACTH - the first stage of HPAC.
Positive evaluation of Holmes and Rahe?
What do beta blockers act directly on?
What is a factor that may affect what coping method we use?
What type of social support helps because it gives self esteem and a sense of identity?
Division of the body's immune system based on lymphocytes that learn to recognise and destroy pathogens.
Model of stress that gives explanation for individual differences
Companies may use these to test stress in their employees
Devised SIT (not the social impact theory!)
Negative Methodological Issue of Marmot's study
Did research with the SRRS and US Navy Soldiers?
Part of the transactional model of stress: the person appraises their ability to cope with the situation.
Positive methodological issue of Rosenman's study?
Invading organisms
Got people to evaluate their stress level, then exposed them to the common cold virus.
Negative methodological issue of Rosenman's study
Involves a variety of lymphocytes that destroy pathogens such as viruses and bacteria.
Do we tend to use coping methods together or separately?
Part of the body's immune system; a rapid response in which cells absorb invading pathogens.
Analysed data of over 7000 participants in the Whitehall II study
Stage 1 of Hardiness Training
Correlation of high SRRS scores and illness in Rahe's experiment?
In HPAC, the liver releases this into the blood, resulting in a huge energy boost.
Most recently evolved part of the brain that distinguishes humans from other animals, it contains the highest cognitive functions.
Positive issue of Kobasa?
Stage 3 of the SIT
The model Selye created?
Found evidence to suggest Type A behaviour has no link to a vulnerability to stress
Marmot followed up participants of the Whitehall II study after how many years?
Kobasa's questionnaires on male workers found that people who were hardy reported MORE/LESS stress symptoms
Denial of the severity of an illness and becoming angry is an example of which approach towards stress?
Where you have to balance the demands of home and work
Part of the neuron; elongated processes running from the cell body.
'It exposed participants who already need to be in good physical health to illness and did not show a cause and effect' is an evaluation of whose experiment?
Did natural experiment on 75 medical students, testing blood for NK activity before and during exams.
Part of the neuron; short processes connecting to the cell body.
'It is culturally and gender specific, does not show a cause and effect, and may have caused distress in participants' describes what experiment?
What is a factor that definitely affects what coping method towards stress we use?
Uchino et al found that increased social support led to less blood pressure and better immune function
Positive evaluation of PMR and meditation?
Positive evaluation of Biofeedback?
Where in particular is meditation useful?
How is biofeedback like stress innoculation training and hardiness traning
Also known as the axon terminal.
Does physical exercise lower stress and help mood?
Activates the hypothalamus in the HPAC and SAM steps.
What do beta blockers reduce activation of?
Made a model of the relationship between workload and control
A list based on how stressful life changes are
A characteristic of Type A Behaviour
The sense of control you have over your work and how it is organised
Low demand and high control makes a...
Negative evaluation of psychological methods of dealing with stress
Specific Immunity Cells
Study that found that workers in lower grade jobs were twice as likely to develop illness (eg. heart conditions) than workers in higher grade jobs
A type of social support
Chemicals released into the synapse that enable nerve impulses to pass from terminals.
Part of the transactional model of stress: the person assesses the situation to identify potential threats and demands.
Studied 3454 middle aged men using questionnaires to categorise them into Type A or Type B personalities.
The principle that states that enough neurotransmitters need to be released from pre to postsynaptic terminal for the nerve impulse to be successfully transmitted.
What does NK stand for?
Positive evaluation of physical exercise
What is the collective name for cortisol and cortisone? (Part of HPAC)
What did rats that were injected daily develop?
Phobias and relationship to person who is ill or has died affects the amount of stress is a negative evaluation of which view?
Bundles of neuronal processes travelling around the body, radiated from the spinal cord.
Method of stress management where you are wired to a machine
An approach style method of the COPE scale
Everyday stressors that have limited duration, eg. students taking exams.
View of stress that says stress depends on the person's perception of the world.
Cause of stress in the workplace
Beta blockers reduce increases in heart rate and blood pressue. TRUE/FALSE?
Negative evaluation of the GAS?
Where does ACTH travel to in HPAC?
Pulses of electrical activity whch start in the dendrites of the neuron and travel across the cell body, then along the axon.
Negative evaluation of PMR and meditation?
Did studies on hardiness?
Also known as white blood cells
View saying that any stimulus producing the stress response is a stressor
Negative evaluation of beta blockers
Stage 2 of the SIT
Long Lasting Stressors, eg. coping with disability.
What type of social support is being lent money?
Theory of stress with evidence by Selye?
What ends up 'creating' energy to use? HPAC or SAM?
What percentage of heart attacks in Rosenman's study were suffered by Type A people?
Stressors studied under lab experiences, such as public speaking. They normally last between 5 and 100 minutes.

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