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An adjective describing something as the 'most' of its kind, i.e. BIGGEST
A word that takes the place of a noun
A word that gives information on a verb
When parts of a sentence have a similar pattern or structure
The formally correct use of the English language
Unrhymed poetry based on Iambic Pentameter
When a word or phrase has more than one possible meaning
When elements are missing from a sentence
In speech, a change between an original idea, changing to a new idea
A comparison that is not literally true as it refers to something as if it were something else
The subject of conversation
When the subject of conversaton changes
Words that relate specifically to time or placeDeborah's fave
When a reference is made to something that is to come within a textCatapult
An element in a sentence that usually indicates when, where or how something has happened
A word or phrase placed after a word or phrase to give additional informationNot a pre mod or intensifier
A silent pause
Language intended to generate a personal response
The omission of a sound or syllable
In drama, when a character says something which has a humurous link with the audience
The type of text read (Horror, Comedy, Romance)
A word that names an object, person or feeling
A voice hesitation
Uses of speech to make it more powerful, i.e. When a question asked doesn't need an answer
An 'all seeing, all knowing' God-like narrator
When a word or expression is deemed as old
In poetry when a line carries onto the next wth no punctuation seperatingApparently French...
In drama, an extended speech heard only by the audience
Using a verb in a way that emphasises the object of an action rather than the person or thing performing said action
The words and vocab used
When speaking in this person, you would use nouns
Using your word order to highlight part of a sentence
Phonological aspects of speech, such as intonation, pitch or volume
A word or phrase with no significant worth within speech
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The dictionary meaning of a word
A group of words with linked or associated meanings
A word that establishes a relationship between two objects
When two or more words share a similar sound, at the beginning of the word(s)
When something not human is described as if it were
A word or phrase placed before a word or phrase to give additional informationNot a post mod or intensifier
A comparison that uses the words 'Like' or 'As'
An emphatic sentence, usually ending in an exclamation mark
A sentence which has more than one clause
A secondary plot running alongside the main plot
Tone of voice
Small talk, speech with little or no meaning
When words imitate the sounds they describe
When words or ideas are directly opposte in meaningPencil presentation by Rosie
A word that describes a noun
A pair of rhymed lines
An adjective that makes a comparison
A verb placed in front of another verb that helps the second one
Words associated with a particular topic/field
The introduction of a topic
A word with only one syllable
Words that indicate links or divisions between parts of discourseInsofar as
When a speaker corrects themself during speech
Something significant within social class or background which affects speech
A sentence that asks a question
Words that link sentences together
A poem of 14 lnes with a rhythm based on Iambic Pentameter
A question ended onto the end of a statement as to look for clarity
A new word or phraseHastened repair = Quick fix
When speaking in this person, you would use pronouns such as 'You' and 'Your'
A sentence that gives information or makes a statement
An aspect of grammar, referring to the way in which the words are ordered within a sentence
A short and to the point sentenceMiss Thomas' word
When the audience can visualise what is being read
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A list that does not use conjunctions
A sentence that gives a command or instruction
When a reference is made to something earlier in the textAnal
Words that are considered as rude
A doing word
The rhyming of vowel sounds within two or more words
In poetry, when a line has 10 syllables and the emphasis is placed on all the even syllablesdum DE dum DE dum DE dum DE dum DE
A distinctive use of spoken language, often regional
A sentence with only one clause
The form of language appropriate to a specific situation
The repetition of 'S' 'C' 'SH' and 'Z' sounds
A character created by the author to act as narratorSweaty Nick
When weather or natural elements are used to reflect moods or emotionsSammi's presentation
When speaking in this person, you would use pronouns such as 'I' 'Me' 'We' and 'Us'
Two simple sentences linked together with the use on a conjunction
The techniques used to link together different parts of the text
The way language is used by a particular individual/region
A secondary clause within a sentence
A list that uses conjunctions
In conversation, a two part exchange
Saying the opposite of what is meant
An expressive sound such as a laugh
Intentional exaggeration
The return to an earlier topic
A humurous play on words'It's GRAPE to meet you...'
When words are shortened
The accent associated with the upper class
A word with more than three syllables
A word that increases or decreases the strength of another wordNot a post or pre modifier
An extended piece of speech by one person
Features that interrupt the flow of someones speech, natural or unnaturalMy presentation
Associations between words/phrases and ideas

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