Alan Rickman Word Ladder

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Can you name the words in this Alan Rickman-themed word ladder?

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Rickman movie, with the [last rung]01
Stevie's best friend on 'American Dad'02
Remains in a fireplace03
Owl sound 04
'Robin ___: Prince of Thieves'05
Unit of language07
TV's Robin Burt ___08
Film 'Star ___'09
Briskly shakes a tail10
Ugly old women11
Film role ___ Gruber12
1963 film 'The Crawling ____'13
Film 'Die ____'14
Rendered fat from a pig15
'Something the ____ ____' [with rung 20] 16
Knowledge gained through tradition17
In a greater quantity18
Female horse19
'Something the ____ ____' [with rung 16]20
To create21
Rickman movie, with the [first rung]22

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