Indiana Mock Trial Rules of Evidence Names

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Rule NameNumber
Reputation as to character
Learned treatises
Definition of unavailability
General rule of evidence
Character evidence inadmissible
Opinion testimony by lay witness
Hearsay exceptions when the witness is unavailable
Leading questions
Specific instances of conduct
Exclusion of relevant evidence
Religious beliefs or opinions
Scope of cross-examination
Hearsay rule
Effect of pardon, annulment, rehabilitation
Absence of entry in records kept in accordance with 803 6
Payment of medical expenses
Admission by party opponent
Bases of opinion testimony by experts
Definition of relevance
General rule of competency
Permitted motions
Hearsay within hearsay
Time limit for crime
Definitions of hearsay (general)
Then existing mental, emotional, or physical condition
Statements for purposes of medial diagnosis
Rule NameNumber
Methods of proving character
Juvenile adjudication
Subsequent remedial measures
Records of vital statistics
Inadmissibility of pleas
Prior statement by witness is not hearsay
Opinion and reputation evidence
Compromise and offers to compromise
Recorded recollection
Control by court
Habit, routine practice
Testimony by experts
Judgement of previous conviction
Opinion on ultimate issue
Impeachment by evidence of crime, general rule
Lack of personal knowledge
Present sense impression
Evidenc of prior inconsistent statement
Who may impeach
Writing used to refresh memory
Excited utterance
Public records and reports
Disclosure of facts
Examining witness concerning prior statement
Records of regularly conducted activity
Relevant evidence admissible

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