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AGranite city
BFamous Ayrshire poet
CJames Bond
DTown on the nith in the south of Scotland
EThe capital city
FRiver which has famous road and rail bridges spanning it near the capital
GThe largest city on the clyde
HWhere the palace and parliment building are
ICity of the north
JOld nickname for the Scots
KNorth Ayrshire town
LFamous body of water (You'll take the high road, I'll take the low road...')
MIsland where there are alot of whiskey distillaries
NThe first minister belongs to this party (Scottish _ Party)
OMain industry in Aberdeen
PScotlands only attempted colony
QOnly football team mentionned in the Bible
RScottish band famous for singing in Gaelic
SHome of Golf, and Scotlands first University
TAlexander Graham Bell invented this
ULast King of Scotland set here
VThe King James who inherited the throne of England
WNational Drink(not Irn Bru)
XOk, doesn't start with x, but another name for the flag of scotland
Yenglish for 'aye'
ZNumber of World cups Scotland has won

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